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Island of the Sequined Love Nun

Island of the Sequined Love Nun - Christopher Moore Take a down and out pilot who crashed a private jet while initiating a prostitute into the "Mile High Club", a talking fruit bat, a Micronesian cargo cult, an unreformed cannibal, and the black market organ transplant market; mix it thru the warped mind of Christopher Moore, and you have this book. Not the best of Moore, but anything by him is worth reading. I love his edgy comedy and his wordplay. I love the quirky characters he develops. Tucker Case, for instance, has a backstory that reads like a modern day Hamlet (except he's not dead yet). I love that regardless of how weird things get, there's a "happy" ending to the story. Not as good as some of Moore's other books - I liked both Lamb and Fluke better - it still belongs on the reading list for every Christopher Moore fan.