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Blindspot: A Novel

Blindspot - Jane Kamensky, Jill Lepore This book is part historical romance, part historical mystery set in the years before the American Revolution. It gets a little long-winded towards the end - the authors take a VERY long time unmasking the murderer - but it was enjoyable. The story is written as if the two main characters are telling the tale - Jameson addressing the unknown "Reader" and Fanny writing letters to her childhood friend. I'm wondering if each author consistantly wrote one character because the voices are very different. Readers must be aware that the language feels a little stilted but accurate for the time period. It can get a little "earthy", also accurate for the time period. Most Revolutionary Era folks wouldn't use a multisyllabic word when one syllable would do. The ARC version I received doesn't include a bibliography, but the reader is directed to a website the authors have created to explain which parts of the story are true and which are made up.