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Eve: A Novel of the First Woman

Eve - Elissa Elliott I enjoyed the story here, but had a little trouble keeping track of who was speaking. The author tells her story thru Eve and Eve's three daughters. Eve's part of the story is told in the first person, as are the stories of two of the three daughters, Naava's story (the oldest daughter) is told in the third person. While I can see some of the reasoning for this - with Naava's story in the third person, you don't get quite as attached to her, it does make following the story line a little difficult. Early chapters were also a little difficult to read because Eve was so whiney. This however, changed as the book went along and Eve got older. It was interesting to see the author's take on Adam and Eve, how they felt being cast out of the Garden, how other people came into their lives, what happened with Cain and Abel, and it was really interesting to read the Afterword which told where the author got her ideas. I'm glad this material was included as the Afterword, however, as it does contain some spoilers if you were to read it first. Because this was Eve's story, Adam and the other males (Cain, Abel, and the other sons) in the story got a little bit left out. I would love to see a story written from their viewpoint. It would be interesting to compare the two.