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Holy Ghost Girl

Holy Ghost Girl: A Memoir - Donna Johnson This book is the somewhat interesting memoir of a girl growing up on the tent revival circuit of the 1960s and 1970s. I grew up in that era, in the South, so the big tents of the Holy Roller and Pentacostal revivals are familar to me. Growing up in that charged atmosphere had to be weird, where so many people expect so much of the preacher - seeming to forget that, whatever his calling, he's still just a man. Many of those following these preachers could deny them nothing - thinking that if they (the preachers) wanted it, God must be laying that want on their heart (whether it was right or wrong). I expected this memoir to get into this aspect a little more. The author followed the revival with her mother and brother from the age of 3 until she was 17. Her descriptions lack passion - it's almost as if she's reporting on events happening to someone else. While I didn't expect a "mile a minute" ride (let's face it - most people's lives are pretty boring, even in an odd circumstance) I would have liked a little more life in the storytelling. It was an OK read, and some of the details about life in the tent and what happened behind the scenes are interesting, but overall, the book fell a little flat.