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Sworn to Silence

Sworn to Silence - Linda Castillo Kate Burkholder grew up Amish. As the result of a family tragedy, she didn't join the church when she became an adult. Instead, she left town and became a cop. Now she's back as the police chief of her home town, searching for a serial killer. John Tomasetti was a cop who lost his family to mob violence. He went outside legal bounds and got his revenge, but he can't live with his loss. Alcoholic and drug dependent, he's still a good enough cop (just barely) that there's no way to get him off the force without facing a law suit. The Powers that Be send him to "assist" Burkholder in her search for the killer, hoping he'll screw things up enough to give them cause to fire him. Sworn to Silence is a good mystery. I was kept guessing until the last few chapters. Character development is good, and I really got to know Burkholder and Tomasetti. But, I don't know if I could take much more of either character. They're both just too intense. Either alone in a book would be great, but both together is almost too much. However, by the end of the book, I do find myself wondering what is going to happen to both cops.