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A Small Furry Prayer: Dog Rescue and the Meaning of Life

A Small Furry Prayer: Dog Rescue and the Meaning of Life - Steven Kotler This book was not what I expected. I was expecting stories about the author's experience with dog rescue and the sad and funny things that can happen with rescued dogs. There is a little of that here - but there's so much more. Kotler uses each little snippet of a tale as a jumping off point to explain some of the science (and metaphysics) behind how and why dogs became domesticated in the first place, why we respond to each other as we do, why dog rescuers rescue, and other mysteries of the doggie world. Kotler manages to make this understandable to the layperson. So, while I didn't get the warm and fuzzy dog stories I was expecting, I did get an interesting read and many concepts to ponder.